Friday, March 18, 2022

currently available titles.

[updated 11 May 2022]
physical copies currently available for:

AV044: daniel t schultz gargoyles. - $7

AV041/042/043 Bundle - $24

AV043: no its becky Shattered Edges Glisten C32 - $7

AV042: troubled by insects A Hundred Tubes (Ten Year Anniversary Edition) C63 - $10

AV041: no its becky Last Great Damn Season 2xCD-R - $12

Lapsed Baptist The Fortune Sellers (Glossolalia Records) - $8

AV040: no its becky defense b/w begging C32 - $7 

AV034: The Finsterwallies plackbink[inyrarea] C52 - $6

AV031: Lapsed Baptist Low in the Grave He Lay CD-R - $7

AV030: Achromaticist Events at a Certain Distance From a Given Point of Light C52 - $10

all prices are PPD in domestic United States. email for international shipping costs.

email (subject line: CONSUME) to order direct; discounts available on orders comprised of multiple releases.